ROBERT DOYLE’s story is about a Concord, California, boy who started out wielding rakes, shovels, and chainsaws for the East Bay Regional Park District. He ended up raising a billion dollars and doubling the district’s size, making it the largest local park agency in the country. With clever strategies and dedicated partners, he helped keep the East Bay from becoming another sprawling Los Angeles. He protected and restored places where city folk can enjoy the health-giving benefits of nature near their homes. 
Presented by SAVE MOUNT DIABLO in association with Regional Parks Foundation. 
Featuring Robert Doyle, Seth Adams, Carol Johnson, Beverly Lane, George Miller, Pat O'Brien. 
Photos and video by Scott Hein, Stephen Joseph, Cooper Ogden, Bob Walker, and Luther Bailey, Contra Costa Historical Society, Cali Godley, Joan Hamilton, Walter Knight, Susan Kraughton. 
Research,  Interviews Bruce Hamilton 
Music Phil Heywood 
Writing, Production, Narration Joan Hamilton 
Special thanks to East Bay Regional Park District, Carol Johnson, Brenda Montano
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