Morgan Territory Regional Preserve sprawls across more than 5,000 acres of the San Francisco Bay Area, with good trail connections to Round Valley Regional Preserve, Los Vaqueros Watershed, and Mount Diablo State Park. In the center of the park, massive oaks shade the headwaters of Marsh Creek. That water sustains deer, eagles, bobcats, butterflies, frogs, snakes, and salamanders. Higher up are fields of flowers, an almond orchard, and a sweet little backpack camp. But the preserve is best known for its ridge top views, which can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. 
In the nine videos that follow, we’ll survey the preserve’s cultural and natural history and showcase the sights you can see on two of its most rewarding walks.
Presented by
Save Mount Diablo
in partnership with
Mount Diablo Interpretive Association
​​​​​​​Featuring Seth Adams, Carol Alderdice, Kevin Dixon, Robert Doyle, Manfred Lindner 
Photos Scott Hein, Bob Walker 
and Carol Alderdice, Seth Adams, Richard Bartz, Kevin Dixon, Bruce Hamilton, Joan Hamilton, Tristan Harward, Frank Hildebrand, Carl D. Howe, Neal Kramer, Walter Knight,  Shelly Lewis,  Abraham Ortelius, Sarah Pollock, Phil Schermeister, USDA
Videography Nick Jones
with peregrine falcon footage by Kendall Oei
eagle footage by AscentXMedia
Music Phil Heywood
Ohlone Art Jean LaMarr
Narration, Production  Joan Hamilton
Special thanks to  Caleb Castle, Contra Costa Historical Society, Anne Marshall Homan (The Morning Side of Mount Diablo), Jennifer Jay, East Bay Regional Park District, Brenda Montano, Mary Mattingly, Paul Miller, Diane Peterson, Oakland Museum of California 
Photo of Mount Diablo from Roger Epperson Ridge by Scott Hein
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