A HIKER'S GUIDE TO MOUNT DIABLO PLANTS   Enjoy five fascinating hikes led by rare-plant expert Heath Bartosh.  Gain an appreciation for the long-hidden flora revealed by recent fires. Nod to the work of the scientists who've worked these storied slopes. And—by the end of this nine-part series—get ready to make your own discoveries! 
Presented by Save Mount Diablo, in partnership with Mount Diablo Interpretive Association. 
Featuring Heath Bartosh, Seth Adams, Robert Doyle, Lindsey Hendricks, Brian Peterson, Cyndy Shafer
Photographs: Scott Hein, Stephen Joseph, Troy Montemayor
and Seth Adams, Heath Bartosh, Steve Edwards, Brad Heckman, Helovi/istock, Joan Hamilton, Shawn Hanrahan/Texas A&M, Jepson Herbarium, Al Johnson, Neal Kramer/Strybing Arboretum, SWKrullImaging/iStock, Kit Leong/iStock, Marshman, Carl Osborn, Bill Sattler, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Arturo Reina Sanchez, Spyglass Hill, Terry Tomkins/USDA, Charles Webber/Cal Academy of Sciences, Westphalia/iStock 
Music: Phil Heywood, Steve Arnold, Podington Bear
Fire Recovery Illustration: Laura Cunningham, Bay Nature Magazine
Production, Narration: Joan Hamilton

Photo by Troy Montemayor

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