Once extinct in the Bay Area, peregrine falcons have made a dramatic comeback. 
How did they do it? 
With help from a remarkable team of bold biologists and determined volunteers.
Presented by  Mount Diablo Interpretive Association 
in partnership with  Save Mount Diablo 

Seth Adams, Lee Aulman, Wally De Young, 
Joan Duffield, Zeka Glucs, Rosita Harvey, 
Staci Hobbet, Brian Latta, Kendall Oei, Jenny Papka. 

Videography   Wally De Young, Kendall Oei 

Photographs   Wally De Young, Nick Dunlop, Scott Hein, Kendall Oei, 
Michael Sewell, Bob Walker and more. 

Music   Phil Heywood 

Production and Narration   Joan Hamilton, Audible Mount Diablo
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