Audible Mount Diablo is an invitation to adventure. Its free multimedia tours combine lively interviews and music with the rush of wind and the chirps, howls, and growls of wildlife. Naturalists heighten visitors’ appreciation of the sights and sounds at each stop, tell tales of the mountain’s past, and suggest what to look for around the next bend. Photographs pop up to help identify plants and animals. Perfect to prepare for your first--or your hundredth--trip up the mountain. 
Sponsored by Save Mount Diablo and the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association
Produced by Audio Guides to the Outdoors
Podcast available on iTunes (Apple podcast on your phone) or Google Play music. Search on these or other podcast services for "Audible Mount Diablo" 

Tours include
Introducing Mount Diablo, commentary and sounds related to the mountain’s natural heritage and human history. • Morgan Territory, two classic hikes—and stories of people who made the park possible. • Falls Trail, a great place to go in the rainy season—or any season. • Harvest of Fire, a guide to Mount Diablo plants  Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, a six-mile hike on the eastern slope of Mount Diablo featuring the rocks, the boomtowns, and nature's remarkable recovery from the largest coal mining operation in California history. Mary Bowerman Tour, a gentle but spectacular 1-mile hike focusing on geology and history at the top of the mountain. • The Trail Through Time, a scenic 6.3-mile survey of Bay Area geology. Mitchell Canyon, a 2-mile-long tutorial in natural and human history. • Rock City, a 1.6-mile walk focusing on history, geology, and plants. • Rocks, Fights, and Fire at Perkins Canyon, an easy 2-mile loop with 3 optional side-trips, on the east side of the mountain. • Los Vaqueros Watershed, a 4- to 9-mile walk through one of the Bay Area’s newest and largest parks.• Grand Loop, a strenuous 6.8-mile jaunt that covers views, history, birds, flowers, and conservation.• Curry Point, a 6.5-mile hike covering birds, wildflowers, knobcone pines, and the history of Blackhawk Ranch.• Lime Ridge, a 4-mile ramble through a botanical and wildlife preserve that showcases some important conservation victories in Contra Costa County. • Round Valley, an 8-mile hike exploring grassland ecology, including eagles, ground squirrels and kit foxes. • Plants of Twin Peaks, an 8-mile ascent through wildflower heaven.
Plus videos about people
Mary Bowerman
Return of the Pine Canyon Peregrines.  

Print maps of Mount Diablo State Park and its trails are available for $6 from the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association at
Print maps of the broader Mount Diablo Region, including Lime Ridge, Round Valley,  & Los Vaqueros Watershed, are $12.50 from Save Mount Diablo at
GPS-enabled maps for your smartphone or tablet are available from Avenza Maps. Search with the key words "Mount Diablo and Surrounding Parks" or (for the Rock City tour) "Rock City Audio Guide" at  
California State Parks Foundation, Contra Costa Water District, Diablo Country Club and Thomas J. Long Foundation provided financial support. Fingerpicking-champion guitarist Phil Heywood provided the music. Actor Carl Magruder gives voice to the words of William Brewer and John Muir. Scott Hein, Stephen Joseph, and many others noted elsewhere, provided photos. 
Well-known Mount Diablo naturalists  Seth Adams and Ken Lavin have spent many hours sharing their knowledge and stories for the series. Other voices include Heath Bartosh, Gary Bogue, Kevin Dixon, Sue Donecker, Robert Doyle, Scott Hein, Jean HetheringtonAnne Homan, Brian Kruse, Rich McDrew, Jim Mitchell, Mike Moran, Marguerite Patil, Roi Peers, Adrian Praetzellis, Cyndy Shafer, Ray Sullivan, Yulan Tong, Frank Valle-Riestra, Kip Will and Mike Woodring. Joan Hamilton, producer of Audio Guides to the Outdoors, narrates. 
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